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Php Training

Php Training - Step By Step For Beginners

The PHP MySQL training course by Rudra BizTech.
com is designed to develop basic and advanced skills in PHP and MySQL.
These highly sought-after programming languages are taught using customized methods and techniques.

PHP Introduction
Installing PHP Setup
Configuration of PHP Apache and Mysql
PHP Syntax
PHP Variables
PHP Echo
PHP Print
PHP Data Types
PHP Strings
PHP Constants

If Statement
If...Else Statement
Elseif Statement
Switch Statement

While Loop
For Loop
For Each Loop

Numeric Array
Associative Array
Multidimensional Array
PHP Superglobals
PHP Function
PHP Parameterized Function

Form handling and values passing through post & Get Methods
Form Validation, Required
Form URL/E-mail
OverView PHP MySQL Database
OverView XAMPP

File Create
File Write
File Open
File Read
File Upload
Php Date, Time
Php Include,Require

How to create cookie
How to save data in cookie
How to enable and disabled cookie
How cookie works with browser

How to create session
How to save data in session
How session works
How to retrieve session values
Live session example (like shopping cart)
PHP Filters
PHP Filters Advanced
PHP Error Handling
PHP Exception

MySQL Database Connect
MySQL GUI Operations (view structure, export, import, drop, empty, privileges)
Create DB
Create Table
Insert Data
Insert Multiple
MySQL Select Data, Update Data, Delete Data

Introduction to object oriented
Class Object
$This Class
Constructor And Destructor
PHP Access Modifier
Final Class
Abstract And Interface Class
Data Insert Using OOP
Fetch Data From MySQL Using OOP
PHP Captcha
Dynamic Image Generation
How To Send Simple Mail
Send Email With Attachment
Sending HTML Email
PHP Error

Shopping Cart
Add Google Map in PHP
Location Service in PHP