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Android Training

Android Training - Step By Step For Beginners

Rudra BizTech Solutions is running a reputed Android training program made
available through offline as well as online modes.
The highly interactive Android programming course designed by
Rudra BizTech Solutions will prove a milestone in shaping the path of your career.

meaning and use of Android
Smartphones future

Install the SDK
Create Android Emulator
Install Eclipse
Install Android Development Tools
Choose which Android version to use

Android Stack
· Android apps structure

Create a project
Working with the AndroidManifest.xml
Using the log system

Application context
Activity life cycle
Supporting multiple screen sizes

Text controls
Button controls
Toggle buttons

Parameters on Intents
Pending intents
Status bar notifications
Toast notifications

Option menu
Context menu

Alert dialogs
Custom dialogs
Dialogs as Activity

Using string arrays
Create lists
Custom lists

Google maps
Using GPS to find current location

Shared preferences
Preferences activity
Files access
SQLite database

View animation
Drawable animation

Content provider introduction
Query providers

Web Services
HTTP Client

Service lifecycle
Foreground service

Preparing for publishing
Signing and preparing the graphics
Publishing to the Android Market